LC. MakE-A-Thon


Hackathon + Making = Make-a-thon


Life Changing Labs presents Cornell's first ever Make-a-thon, bringing together engineers, designers, and business students to hack and build to propose life changing solutions using rapid prototyping techniques. All making will be done in an open collaborative environment to incubate innovative ideas. 

 There will be a track for high school students and university students to participate in the event. 


Feb. 19th
5:30pm & 6:30pm

Feb. 20th - Feb. 21st
10am - 10am

Final Pitch Competition
Feb. 21st

Physical Science Building Atrium
Cornell University, Ithaca NY





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February 19th, 2016

5:30pm - 6:30pm Pre-Hack Welcome & Prompt Delivery

February 20th, 2016

9 : 30 am Arrival & Check-In

10 : 00 am Hack & Build #1

12 : 00 pm Lunch Break & Guest Speaker #1

1 : 00 pm Hack & Build #2

3 : 00 pm Workshop

6 : 00 pm Dinner & Guest Speaker #2

7 : 00 pm Hack & Build #3

12 : 00 am Fourth Meal & Break

12 : 30 am Hack & Build #4

7 : 30 am Breakfast & Coffee

10 : 00 am Project Submission

11 : 00 am Pitch Competition






The Team


          The Speakers




How does it work? 

You'll work in teams of 3-6 hackers to make anything your heart desires. There will be a prompt that gets released at the start of the event to guide all projects. We'll provide you with a bunch of prototyping resources and lots of food to keep you fueled. The top 5 university and top 5 high school projects will have the chance to pitch at the finale of the make-a-thon. 

What hardware will be available?

There'll be a bunch of base arduino boards that will be pre-configured to help with accelerated development. A myriad of sensors and rapid prototyping materials - foam, chipboard, etc. - will also be available. Each team will have the opportunity to select what they need. 

I'm a beginner. Can I still apply?

Don't worry! We encourage beginners to come and learn! We've got tons of mentors and we really focus on catering to newcomers' needs by providing tutorials and online resources. Also, all competitors will receive a welcome packet with specific instructions related to the hardware you will be using at the event.  

Who can attend

All undergraduate and graduate students at Cornell are welcome to apply for the university track, and for the high school track, we are looking to connect with the local community. We are also open to applications from abroad for high school students. Unfortunately, we cannot provide travel reimbursements.  

WHAT IS the pitch competition

After the hack and build period ends, we will host a public pitch competition where the top 5 university and top 5 high school student teams will present their projects. Pitches will be 3-6 minutes. You are encouraged to invite your friends, family, and anyone else you want to see what you built. Everyone not participating is encouraged to stop by and see the cool projects and meet the awesome people behind them.

What should I bring? And What do I build? 

We recommend you bring a laptop for hacking! Everything else you will need will be provided by us so do not worry about bringing anything. If you have a certain set of tools that you like to use, then feel free to bring them along. During the event, you can build whatever you and your team wants to! We will provide a prompt and base boards to help accelerate development, but other than that, everything is up to you. 

How does judging work? 

Judges will evaluate the projects and pitches based on their relation to design (how awesome it is), engineering (does it work), and entrepreneurship (how was it pitched and what is its real-world potential). Do not worry! This event is meant to be fun, and all of the judges understand that everything was built over the span of 24 hours. Worried that the judges might not like your project even though students will? Every team will be in the running for a people's choice award for one popular vote winner to be selected. More information on this during the event. 

How much does this cost?

This event is completely free! We provide food and drinks, and plenty of materials to hack with. Everything is covered with help from our amazing sponsors listed above.  

This is awesome. IS there anything else I can get involved in? 

This event is completely run by students for students. Life Changing Labs is a not for profit organization that powers the Cornell entrepreneurship community and our team also offers two amazing summer programs: a ten week startup program for university students and a three week educational program for high school students. For the university program please visit - for more info, and for the high school program, please visit for more info.  


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